PROVO — A man charged with possessing child pornography and abusing a young female neighbor agreed to waive his right to an evidentiary or preliminary hearing Monday.

Samuel Seager, 33, was charged in January by the Utah Attorney General's Office with sexual exploitation of a minor for allegedly having numerous sexually explicit pictures and videos featuring young children on his computer.

"Based on discussions and a review of the discovery, we are going to waive the preliminary hearing," said his attorney, McKay King.

The attorney general's office and Provo police worked together, and on March 21, the Utah County Attorney's Office filed 13 more felony charges against Seager.

Those charges include forcible sexual abuse of a child, aggravated sex abuse, sodomy on a child and sexual exploitation of a minor for allegedly abusing a neighbor girl, who may also have been an unwitting subject for some of the child pornography, according to court documents.

Seager has not waived a preliminary hearing on that case, which was continued until May 5 at 8:30, when he will enter a plea in the first case.