Jerry Johnston (March 29) is confused and mistaken as he equates religious allegory or metaphor (what he calls exaggerations) with the hate speech of the Rev Wright, who said God d*** America, that America is the U.S.KKK.A and Wright's lies that America purposely brought AIDS and drugs to hurt African Americans.

These assertions are provably false, not just exaggerations, and all the more damaging because they came across a pulpit. Wright's hate speech and lies were used to build anger and hatred in his congregation against whites and our country. Dealing with the injustices of the past by fostering fear and ignorance and hate is not the equivalent of using a metaphor about camels — they are not even in the same universe.

Obama did not condemn the Reverend's hate speech until it became public. That gives rise to serious concerns regarding someone who would be a leader of the country.

Evelyn Scott