Following are links to some of the best of what we've seen in the Bloggernacle today:

"The Voting for the Niblets has Commenced" declares DKL at Mormon Mentality. Click on the survey link to take part! And be sure to read the comments; there is some good explanation as to the nuts and bolts of the voting setup.

— General conference is this weekend and Day of Praise has posted some past conference addresses in preparation. (Also on Day of Praise, you can check out the trailer for the new movie about Emma Smith.)

— OK, I am not-so-secretly following this season of "American Idol" and yes, Im hoping either David A., David C. or Brooke wins. Phew, got that off my chest! Heres a great post on David Archuleta over at Modern Molly Mormon, if like me, you just cant wait until Tuesday night.

— I just love these LDS cartoon sites and giggled at flower head at 9th Ward. Click!