LOGAN (AP) — FBI agents are working a case in Cache County that a defense lawyer says involves a prosecutor's handling of a witness in the sexual-battery trial of a pain doctor.

The lawyer, Stephen Sweigart, said he was questioned by FBI agents and tipped Cache County Attorney George Daines to the probe.

Sweigart defended an osteopathic physician, Raymond Bedell of Providence, who was convicted a year ago of fondling a patient.

At the trial, Sweigart alleged that Daines drummed up the charges with help from drug addicts and other physicians with whom Bedell had a history of disagreements.

Daines said FBI agents haven't talked to him and that when he asked a U.S. attorney what was going on, he got no information.

The prosecutor says he wouldn't be surprised if somebody connected to Bedell's case has an ax to grind with him.

FBI spokesman Juan Becerra told The Herald Journal of Logan that two agents were in the area recently, but he wouldn't say why.

Bedell is awaiting a sentence of up to one year in jail for sexual battery.

More recently, a jury acquitted Bedell of more extensive charges of sexual abuse in a separate case. Bedell said the two trials "ruined" his medical practice.