DRAPER — Police said Friday they were now treating the investigation of the body of a man found in February near the Draper Golf Course as a potential homicide.

The body of Eric Moses Timberlake, 39, was found by hikers in a snowy, water-filled gully Feb. 23. Friday, investigators revealed Timberlake died of a methamphetamine overdose. What detectives want to know now is whether Timberlake's body was dumped there.

The last time anyone can verify seeing Timberlake alive was Feb. 8, said Draper Police Sgt. Gerry Allred. Investigators Friday were following up on rumors that he was attending a party in the Draper area about the time his body was found.

It's possible Timberlake, a known intravenous drug user, did drugs and died at the spot where he was found, but it "seems unlikely," Allred said.

"It's looking more like his body was dumped there," he said.

Considering the weather conditions at the end of February, Allred said it was unlikely Timberlake would have walked by himself to the area where he was found just to do drugs, Allred said.

Timberlake was from Salt Lake City and known to spend most of his time downtown, making the discovery of his body in Draper even more suspicious, he said.

In addition to the possible dumping, investigators want to know is someone may have purposely given Timberlake a fatal dose of meth.

"Dumping the body is bad enough. If there's any indication it's suspicious or a possible homicide ... we will file charges," Allred said.

Investigators would like to find someone who saw Timberlake alive closer to the time when he was found dead. Anyone with information can call police at 840-4000.

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