In many areas, the (fast) offerings are collected each month by the boys who are deacons as they visit each member's home, generally quite early on the Sabbath day.

"I recall that the boys in the congregation over which I presided had assembled one morning, sleepy-eyed, a bit disheveled, and mildly complaining about arising so early to fulfill their assignment.

"Not a word of reproof was spoken, but during the following week, we escorted the boys to Welfare Square for a guided tour. They saw firsthand a lame person operating the telephone switchboard, an older man stocking shelves, women arranging clothing to be distributed — even a blind person placing labels on cans. Here were individuals earning their sustenance through their contributed labors.

"A penetrating silence came over the boys as they witnessed how their efforts each month helped to collect the sacred fast-offering funds which aided the needy and provided employment for those who otherwise would be idle.

"From that hallowed day forward, there was no urging required by our deacons. On fast Sunday mornings they were present at 7 a.m., dressed in their Sunday best, anxious to do their duty as holders of the Aaronic Priesthood. No longer were they simply distributing and collecting envelopes. They were helping to provide food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless — all after the way of the Lord. Their smiles were more frequent, their pace more eager, their very souls more subdued."

General conference, October 1977