Yes, sometimes expectations of those who love us are a bit beyond our capacity.

"Years ago, before a temple was completed in South Africa, the Saints planning to visit a temple had to travel the long and costly route to London, England, or, later, to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"When I visited South Africa, they, with all the strength of their hearts and souls, petitioned me to importune President Kimball to seek the heavenly inspiration to erect a temple in their country.

"I assured them this was a matter for the Lord and his prophet. They responded, 'We have faith in you, Brother Monson. Please help us.'

"Upon returning to Salt Lake City, I discovered that a proposed temple for South Africa had already been approved and was to be announced immediately.

"When this occurred, I received a telegram from our members in South Africa. It read, 'Thank you, Elder Monson. We knew you could do it!'

"You know, I believe I never did convince them that though I approved the proposal, I did not bring it about."

General conference, October 1992