In October 1963, "President David O. McKay invited me to his office and extended to me a call to serve as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

"He asked that I keep this sacred call confidential, revealing it to no one except my wife, and that I be present for general conference in the Tabernacle the next day, when my name would be read aloud.

"The following morning I came into the Tabernacle not knowing exactly where to sit. Being a member of the Priesthood Home Teaching Committee, I determined that I would be seated among the members of that committee. I noticed a friend of mine by the name of Hugh Smith, who was also a member of the Priesthood Home Teaching Committee. He motioned for me to sit by him, and as I did so, he said, 'I really don't know if you want to sit here or not.'

"'Why, Brother Smith?' I asked.

"He answered, 'A strange coincidence; the last two times that a general authority has been appointed, the fellow was sitting right next to me when his name was read.'

"I couldn't say a thing, but I sat down. In a few moments, the members of the Twelve were sustained and, of course, my name was read.

"Hugh Smith looked at me and said simply, 'Lightning has struck for the third time.'

"I believe the walk from the audience to the stand was the longest walk of my life."

General conference, April 2007; "Inspiring Experiences That Build Faith," by Thomas S. Monson