President Thomas S. Monson met his wife while a student at the University of Utah, where he graduated cum laude in 1948.

President Monson's wife, Frances, was only one generation away from Sweden; her parents were born there.

"I was shy as I called at her home the first time and met her parents. Her father said to me when he heard my name, 'Monson — that's a Swedish name.'


He brought a photo of two missionaries, one was Elias Monson.

"My future father-in-law asked, 'Are you related to this man?'"

The man was President Monson's grandfather's brother.

"And then Frances' father began to weep. He said, 'He is one of the missionaries who brought the gospel to my mother and father and to all my brothers and sisters and me.'

"Then he put his arms around me, and I knew I had won an advocate."

From "Inspiring Experiences That Build Faith," by Thomas S. Monson