Again Christmastime had come. We were preparing for the oven a gigantic turkey and anticipating the savory feast that awaited. A neighborhood pal of mine asked a startling question: 'What does turkey taste like?'

"I responded, 'Oh, about like chicken tastes.'

"Again a question: 'What does chicken taste like?'

"It was then that I realized my friend had never eaten chicken or turkey. I asked what his family was going to have for their holiday dinner. There was no prompt response, just a downcast glance and the comment: 'I dunno. There's nothing in the house.'

"I pondered a solution. There was none. I had no turkeys, no chickens, no money.

"Then I remembered I did have two pet rabbits. Immediately I placed them in a box and handed the box to my friend with the comment: 'Here, take these two rabbits. They're good to eat — just like chicken.'

"He took the box, climbed the fence and headed for home — a Christmas dinner safely assured. Tears came easily to me as I closed the door to the empty rabbit hutch. But I was not sad. A warmth, a feeling of indescribable joy, filled my heart. It was a memorable Christmas."

Ensign, December 1995