I remember when I was asked to give my first talk.

"I was given the liberty of choosing any subject I wanted. I've always liked birds, so I thought of the Seagull Monument. In preparation I went to Temple Square and looked at the Seagull Monument.

"First of all, I was attracted to all the coins in the water and tried to figure out how to get the coins out without being seen. Then I looked upward at the seagull perched atop that monument and tried to imagine what it would be like to be a pioneer watching the first year's harvest of grain being devoured by crickets and then seeing those seagulls descending upon the fields and eating the crickets.

"I loved the story, and I sat down with a pencil and wrote out a 2 1/2-minute talk. I've never forgotten the seagulls. I've never forgotten the crickets. And I've never forgotten my knees knocking together during that 2 1/2-minute talk. I've never forgotten the experience of letting some of my innermost feelings be expressed verbally at the pulpit."

"I would urge that we give the Aaronic Priesthood an opportunity to think, to reason, and to serve."

General conference, October 2000