During our primary years, there were those occasional disappointments which would leave us a little bruised — but never in a state of despair.

"At that time the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City was located in a remodeled house on North Temple, but a new hospital was soon to be constructed on the Avenues in Salt Lake City. Each Wednesday afternoon in Primary, we would talk about the future Primary Children's Hospital, where little children could be cared for and where skilled physicians could mend broken limbs and ease the effects of sickness.

"In our ward we had a cardboard replica of the hospital. It formed a bank with a little slot in the top of it. Each Wednesday we would sing and march to the tune, 'Give, said the little stream; Give, oh! give, give, oh! give. Give, said the little stream, as it hurried down the hill.'

"To its cadence we would walk by the bank and put our pennies in it.

"I recall sitting next to a dear friend of mine and saying, 'Jack, I've got a good idea. I've got in my pocket a dime and a penny. When we march by and put that penny in the little bank, let's just march right out the front door. We won't go to class at all, but I'll take you over to the Hatch Dairy, and there we'll buy two of those delicious five-cent fudgesicles.'

"Jack snuggled up to me and said, 'Let's see the dime.' He was doubting. Financial depression did that to boys.

"I reached in my pocket, produced the dime, and then carefully returned it to its safe place. Suddenly we heard the strains of the music and stood and marched by the little bank as we sang 'Give, said the little stream.'

"I reached in my pocket and dropped my coin in the bank, walked out the front door with Jack, and headed for the Hatch Dairy. Just then he said, 'Let's see the dime again.'

"I reached into my pocket to show him the dime and produced the penny. The dime had gone to the Primary Children's Hospital.

"As a disappointed boy, I walked back and put the penny in the bank also. For a long while I felt that I, perhaps, had the most substantial investment in the Primary Children's Hospital."

Ensign, April 1994