Keith Johnson, Deseret Morning News
Drummer Tom Scharlow rehearses with the rest of the Slickrock Gypsies as they prepare for concert.

Musical influences as diverse as Rimsky-Korsakov and Dave Brubeck are what got saxophonist Kevin Flynn into music.

Add that to the musical-family upbringing of vocalist/guitarist/pianist Gary Stoddard, and there's a mean brew a mixin'.

The duo performed in high school as Sage and then life got in the way.

"We went our different ways for a few years," Flynn said during an interview with the Deseret Morning News. "I became an engineer and moved out East. I moved back 10 years ago, and we decided to try to play music together again. And it's been working well."

"This time though, we didn't want to play covers like we did," Stoddard said. "We wanted to play original music."

Taking that road, however, set a lot of obstacles in their path.

"The way things are set up here, the majority of places to play are clubs and bars," Flynn said. "We also decided not to do that as well."

"And there's the fact that if we did play a club," Stoddard said, "we would have to play covers and not original material."

So the band — which also features drummer Tom "Tom Tom" Scharlow, bassist Bob "Hot Tub" Duffin and percussionist Rico Romero — has made an effort to perform at festivals and other gatherings.

"We have done the Utah Arts Festival, the Park City Arts Festival, the St. George Arts Festival, the Gallivan Center and played all over the state," said Flynn.

"Our music is for everyone of all ages," said Stoddard. "We play music that isn't heard on the radio. We're world music, jazz, roots and rock. And we appeal to many different types of people. So we're hard to market."

Still, that doesn't stop the band from recording and selling CDs.

The band's last studio recording, "Stirrin' It Up," was released in 2005. But the band is thinking about another, which will be a compilation.

"We have a lot of people who like our music and who know our music request that we put out a jazz album," said Stoddard. "And it might be fun to release an album of our jazz tunes we do. Some of it will be live and others will be new recordings."

Still, there are some new songs that the band is excited to unleash on the public. In fact, everyone in the band is psyched up to premiere nine new songs during the concert on Thursday.

"Funny thing is, the new songs will include songs about gold and silver," Flynn said with a smile. "So it will be a 'precious-metal' set."

"I like that," said Stoddard, also smiling.

If you go . . . .

What: Slickrock Gypsies

Where: Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, 138 W. 300 South

When: Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

How much: $12

Phone: 355-2787, 888-451-2787


E-mail: [email protected]