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Stuart Johnson, Deseret Morning News
Brandon Mull, author of the book "Fablehaven" speaks at Art City Elementary in Springville.

After 324 e-mails and 166 submitted authors, Mormon Times readers have chosen Orson Scott Card as their favorite LDS fiction writer, followed by "Work and the Glory" author Elder Gerald Lund and vampire aficionado Stephenie Meyer.

What does that say about readers who contributed to our online poll?

Mormon Times columnist Jerry Johnston thinks LDS novelists excel at "genre" fiction such as romance, Western, mystery and science fiction.

"Genres put big emphasis on story line and plot and often stress the forces of good taking on the forces of evil, two things the LDS writers do naturally," Johnston said. "When they get into complicated character studies, Mormon novelists are less effective."

Johnston also selected Card as one of his favorite LDS fiction writers.

"He doesn't overreach and he doesn't try to write grand literary wonders, but uses his skills to tell good stories about conflicts between forces of light and darkness," Johnston said.

Science fiction, mystery and romance novels are a common theme throughout the results.

Deseret Morning News features writer Carma Wadley enjoys reading Meyer, Shannon Hale, Brandon Mull and Obert Skye.

"None of these come close to 'Harry Potter,' of course, but they all deal with the age-old battle of good vs. evil in interesting and fun-to-read ways," Wadley said.

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Deseret Morning News book critic Dennis Lythgoe listed Levi Peterson and Douglas Thayer as two of his favorite LDS fiction authors. Some voters agreed, as both authors received several votes.

Deseret Book provided Mormon Times with a list of 16 top-selling LDS fiction authors from 1998 to 2008.

"It was difficult to look at both those who write for a national audience and those who write specifically for the LDS market; very different numbers," said Gail Halladay, Deseret Book director of marketing and communication.

How does our list measure up against Deseret Book's best-selling list?

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