HIGHLAND — While video of Lone Peak High School former football coach Monte Morgan subduing a student after a fight is circulating on YouTube, Alpine School District officials say they will take no action.

That is because the incident on film occurred more than two weeks ago and has already been investigated and resolved, said Alpine district spokeswoman Rhonda Bromley.

"We've already taken care of it," Bromley said.

Morgan did not return phone messages left at his home by the Deseret Morning News early Wednesday.

The incident occurred March 12 in the locker room at Lone Peak High. Two boys were fighting. Morgan, who is teaching weightlifting at the school, broke it up, Bromley said.

A student not involved in the fight videotaped the end of the incident on his cell phone. He sent the video to a friend and also shared it with the principal, Bromley said.

It isn't known who posted the video on the YouTube Web site, Bromley said.

"In today's day and age, it takes two seconds to spread information," she said. "Who knows who posted it on YouTube."

Beginning March 13, Morgan was suspended for two days. The two boys were also suspended for one or more days. This was to allow district officials to investigate the incident.

School administrators interviewed Morgan, the two boys, witnesses and the boys' parents. Morgan and the two students were then allowed back to school, Bromley said.

The blurry footage, which appears to be a video tape of what was recorded on a cell phone, shows Morgan subduing a student by holding him against a wall and telling the student to "shut up."

Morgan resigned last fall after 11 years as football coach at Lone Peak High, saying he was looking for a fresh perspective. He remained on the faculty at Lone Peak for this school year.

Morgan is slated to coach football at Salem High School in Nebo School District this fall.

The video can be viewed at www.youtube.com.

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