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Quaid Busk, Richfield, soccer

QUAID BUSK, Richfield, soccer: Scoring lots of goals and leading his team was what this senior center forward did before Richfield's boys soccer team became sanctioned, and both themes have continued as the Wildcats experience their first full-fledged soccer season.

With a team-high eigh goals on a scorer-laden team, Busk has been a solid leader to pace Richfield to a 5-0 record.

Richfield's school board nearly voted not to allow its boys soccer team to become sanctioned this year, but Busk and a big senior class have been given the chance to showcase their abilities.

"It's his last chance and it's the last chance for our seniors," said coach Phillip Johnson. "So it's been a tremendous opportunity to show what they can do."

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LINNEA KETCHER, C. Hills, softball: This junior will do whatever her coach asks of her, regardless of how it affects her personally.

That means sacrificing a nine-hit streak for an at-bat that benefited her team rather than her .909 batting average through the first three games.

"But it was what was best for the team," said Grizzlies coach Shane Lucas of Ketcher. "She is willing to do whatever I ask of her ... She's not outspoken; she leads more by example. She just goes out there and busts her butt."

The centerfielder tied the state record for the most hits in a game at five and has helped the Grizzlies to a 3-1 record with hard work and speed.

"She's almost a gauranteed run when she gets on base because she's so fast," Lucas said. "As a hitter, she is challenged by whatever the defense does. If they move in, she'll pop it over their heads; If they move out, she'll drop it inside."

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