Five Utah cities, led by Richfield and Logan, were named among America's "Top 200 Towns for Outdoorsmen" recently by Outdoor Life Magazine.

The publication ranked the top towns for anglers and hunters to live in for its April issue, which hit newsstands March 20.

Richfield was ranked 11th and Logan 12th place in their listing.

Cedar City was given 15th-place honors, while Vernal was 23rd and Price 105th.

"There are a lot of outdoorsmen looking to put down roots in an area with more campsites than condos," said Todd Smith, editor-in-chief of Outdoor Life Magazine. "We went straight to facts when putting this list together to make sure we got the best options. with hard data backing our rankings, I know sportsmen are not going to be disappointed."

Mountain Home, Ark., was the magazine's top choice, followed by Lewiston, Idaho, and Sheridan, Wyo.

Fourth was Cody, Wyo.; fifth was Pocatello, and sixth was Lewiston, Mont. Completing the top 10 were: 7. Marquette, Mich.; 8. Dillon, Mont.; 9. Page, Ariz.; and 10. Bismarck, N.D.

"Richfield is thrilled to be named by Outdoor Life Magazine as the 11th best place to live for outdoor recreation enthusiasts," said Kevin Arrington of the Sevier County Travel Council, based in Richfield. "Opportunities to hunt elk, deer, antelope, waterfowl and other species abound."

He said Fishlake, Johnson's Reservoir, and numerous small lakes and streams offer outstanding fishing for all types of trout.

"Access to outdoor recreational opportunities within the Fishlake National Forest is greatly enhanced by the Paiute ATV Trail. With almost 1,000 miles of trail within the region, the Paiute is the best way to get where you want to go to do what you want to do. Most importantly, Richfield is still a place where outdoor recreation is for the whole family. In such a setting, we have a little bit of outdoor heaven on earth," Arrington said.

Andrew McKean wrote the article on the best 200 towns for Outdoor Life magazine.

"On the way out of these bergs, we've fantasized about moving to these places where life seems simpler, the people friendlier and where the economy is nourished by postcard-perfect vistas," he wrote. "Where the fish are always biting, the bucks are big and farmers greet hunters with easy smiles and open gates."

He continued:

"These places exist in every state, towns where you can step out your back door with a fly rod or a shotgun and find abundant fishing and hunting opportunity in sight of the municipal water tower. Areas with decent weather and accessible public land and gun laws that don't criminalize hunters. Places where the economy is vibrant but the pace of life is slow. Towns with good schools and hospitals and a strong sense of community."

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