Sandy police are looking for a man who investigators say has defrauded people across the nation posing as a vacuum salesman.

In August at the Home Show at the Expo Center, 9575 S. State, at least two people purchased a central vacuum system from a man claiming to be Michael Kozum representing Total Home Solutions, said Sandy Police Sgt. Victor Quezada. The man told each customer they needed to pay half the money up front and would be billed for the remainder when the system was installed.

One couple paid $660 and another $800, Quezada said. But as the weeks and months went by, they never received their system. Furthermore, each couple had their credit cards charged twice.

Each time the couple called the man, he had some excuse and claimed the vacuum system would be coming soon, police say. On Feb. 22, one of the couples went to police.

As Sandy police investigated the case, detectives discovered Michael Kozum was actually Michael Goldberg. He had five aliases, including Kozum and Cousins, and had similar complaints filed against him in California and Minnesota.

The company that manufactures the vacuums said it had received numerous complaints against Goldberg and wanted the public to know it had nothing to do with him, Quezada said.

A detective was able to contact Goldberg by cell phone. He answered the phone as "Total Health Solutions." When the investigator asked him why he wasn't "Total Home Solutions," he said he simply misspoke, Quezada said. Goldberg told the detective it was all a big misunderstanding and that customers would either be receiving a refund or their vacuum soon. But Quezada said Goldberg refused to tell the officer his location.

Sandy police plan on discussing potential charges with the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office and hope to have an arrest warrant for Goldberg soon, Quezada said.

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