Clinton Randle

A man who was dubbed Public Enemy No. 1 by the Salt Lake Metro Gang Unit and was one of the Department of Corrections' Top 15 Most Wanted was arrested in Salt Lake early Friday after being on the run for about six months.

Clinton Randle, 31, was arrested without incident at an apartment near 900 South and 250 West in a joint operation by the gang unit, the Joint Criminal Apprehension Team, Salt Lake City police and Adult Probation and Parole.

Randle was first sent to the Utah State Prison in 1996 for aggravated robbery. He was paroled in May of 2002, but sent back to prison two months later following another aggravated robbery that was pleaded down to attempted robbery, according to court records.

Randle was paroled again in June of 2007 but absconded in September and had a warrant issued for his arrest.

In October, a man attempted to rob the Mouthpiece Jewelry Co., 40 E. 1300 South. The store clerk had a gun, however, and shots were exchanged between the would-be robber and the employee. The employee was shot in the face and twice in the body but survived.

Investigators developed information that led them to believe Randle was responsible for the shooting and filed an attempted murder charge against him in 3rd District Court.

While on the run, Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Jim Phelps, a member of the JCAT team, said Randle fled to St. Louis where he was involved in a chase with police. During the chase, he tossed an AK-47 out the window before getting into a serious crash, Phelps said.

Randle broke his hip in the accident and was taken to the hospital. Doctors said Randle would need surgery and, they would call police after the surgery was completed. But after officers left, and before the surgery, Randle walked out, Phelps said.

Friday, members of the JCAT team developed information Randle was back in Salt Lake. After receiving additional information, officers from several agencies went to his apartment and spotted him through the window.

Members of the JCAT team used a battering ram to knock the door down and arrested Randle. A lot of drug paraphernalia was found in the apartment, Phelps said.

"All agencies involved are very happy this came together," he said. "We've really been looking for him for quite a long time."

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