Wayman Stodart

Logan High School

Parents: De Siree and Leslie Stodart

North Logan

"I have always had an interest in the sciences. Science is one of the few fields that never stops changing. Hypothesis and theory are never accepted as fact because, as our ability to observe gets better and better, our preconceived notions are challenged repeatedly. It is this constant evolution and the need to question every presumed idea that makes science a living and breathing field. Furthermore, a working knowledge in the field of science will allow you to involve yourself with countless other fields and ideas. All of the many engineering disciplines involve an extensive amount of knowledge in the field of science. All the varied fields of medicine require an intimate knowledge of biology. Even as an airline pilot, knowing the science of airflow and aerodynamics is extremely helpful in understanding how your plane is operating. Science has instilled in me an analytical perception of life. It taught me to question each and every belief that I held and attempt to validate it. The idea of hypothesis, antithesis and synthesis has allowed me to look at the world analytically and created a strong basis for my personal beliefs. This scientific process has allowed past generations of scientists and theorists to come to terms with how and why the world works. Without science, we could not understand any of nature's truths and we would be unable to deduce anything. It is science and the mind-set that creates, that allows us to understand the world around us. Nothing else that I know of could better enrich my life and allow a better understanding of my place in the world."

AWARD: This award is given jointly by the governor's office and the Deseret Morning News/KSL-TV to an outstanding Sterling Scholar in science. Named after the father of television, Utah's own Philo T. Farnsworth, the award includes a statuette of Farnsworth that is a replica of the "heroic-size" statue in the U.S. Capitol as well as the Utah Capitol. The award also includes $400 from the Deseret Morning News and KSL-TV.

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Amy Ormond

Ben Lomond High School

Parents: William and Natalie Ormond


"I am a very optimistic person. I love helping others in need and being involved in my community. About a year ago my difficult class schedule and extracurricular activities became too much for me to handle. This experience inspired me to discover what was important to me and where my priorities needed to be. Since then I have focused my efforts on developing skills and qualities necessary to be a good daughter, sister, citizen, friend and eventually a wife and mother. "Family and consumer sciences have provided me with the skills I need to be a responsible person. I have learned how to set and achieve goals, budget money, provide better care for the children I watch and become a responsible parent to my own children in the future.

"I have learned and developed skills such as keeping a garden, crocheting a sweater and playing my violin. The importance of maintaining good habits was developed as I set a regular workout routine, ate a balanced diet and lived by a budget.

"'Hats off to Kids' was a project I started. I started knitting hats for children so they could keep warm in the winter. This project began to escalate and others started knitting hats, and we donated them to elementary school children to help these children keep a little warmer during the cold weather. Over 200 hats have been donated to schools, local charities and hospitals. Because of this, the project has spread its wings as it has caught the interest of school and church organizations around the Ogden community. This service project has also received a gold medal and runner-up at state FCLA competition."

AWARD: This award is named for the late Douglas F. Bates, Utah State Office of Education legal counsel and former associate superintendent, who exemplified outstanding community service. In addition to a trophy, a check for $400 was presented courtesy of the Deseret Morning News and KSL-TV.