Though falls are not 100 percent preventable, experts say precautions can be taken.

Those include:

• Doing exercises that emphasize lower body strength and balance. Tai chi, a Chinese martial art known for slow-motion routines, is especially good because it is slow enough for those with limited mobility, but it builds muscle and helps with balance.

• Making sure medications don't interact. Seniors often fall because a medication has made them dizzy.

• Getting eyes checked: People sometimes fall because they literally can't see.

• Making sure there is adequate lighting in the home, especially at night. Falls often happen at night when someone, for example, trips over a dog.

• Clearing out clutter that can lead to a trip and fall. Keep floors especially clear. Remove cords out of walkways.

• Removing throw rugs or making sure they do not slip. Do not wax the floors.

• Installing handrails on stairs and grab bars in bathrooms