A home accessory may have killed a Salt Lake County interior designer Thursday.

Robert Brain, 57, was found dead Thursday afternoon inside his home near 1600 E. Evergreen Lane (3465 South).

Police believe the man died after being wounded by a ceramic statue on top of a 4 1/2 foot marble pedestal. The statue cut Brain severely, said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Paul Jaroscak.

"He may have stumbled into it and knocked it over, or it may have fallen on top of him," Jaroscak said.

Brain appeared to have been trying to call for help but died from his wounds sometime Thursday.

"There were obvious injuries and blood all over," Jaroscak said.

An autopsy conducted today will determine the official cause of death.

Brain lived alone most of the time but was last seen alive Thursday morning, Jaroscak said. A dog walker called police after he found the man around 4:30 p.m., during a visit to the home.

Because of the injuries and damage to the furniture, police initially believed the death was suspicious and were treating it as a homicide. Detectives later said the death appeared to be an accident.

"The statue was knocked down and there's quite a bit of evidence that it was accidental," Jaroscak said. "But we're not discounting anything."

Brain was an interior designer and furniture maker who had lived in the neighborhood for most of his life, said neighbor Mike Ridd.

"He was known all over the West," he said. "He was admired by all of his peers. He was a wonderful guy."

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