California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger terminated his own brother-in-law, Bobby Shriver, and actor-director Clint Eastwood.

The governor dropped Shriver and Eastwood from a state parks commission where both had served since before he took office. The two oppose a Schwarzenegger-backed plan to build a toll road through a state park, but Shriver said Thursday that the governor's decision was a surprise to them both.

"I had hoped to continue to do this work and continue to protect the park system from developers," Shriver said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "It shows you how strong these developers were that were able to arm-wrestle the governor into firing us."

Shriver, a Santa Monica city councilman who is the brother of the governor's wife, Maria Shriver, and a nephew of President Kennedy, said he and Eastwood, a former mayor of Carmel, had asked the governor for third terms on the State Park and Recreation Commission. He said they were informed Monday evening by a Schwarzenegger aide that they would be replaced.