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Sky Eats Airplane will release its new album in a few months.

By the time bassist Johno Erickson joined hardcore/electronic band Sky Eats Airplane, the band had already released its first album, "Everything Perfect on the Wrong Way."

"I don't know too much about that recording session," said Erickson during a phone call from his hometown of Arlington, Texas. "But we just finished our new album, and that should be released sometime in a few months."

Erickson joined Sky Eats Airplane after the band's guitarists, Lee Duck and Zack Ordway, asked him to play bass.

"I was originally a guitarist, but since those two played guitar, I switched to the bass," Erickson said.

Ordway and Erickson were bandmates in a prior band that also featured drummer Kenny Schick. Interestingly enough, Schick joined Sky East Airplane as well.

"We all have different musical influences," Erickson said. "And I guess no matter what you listen to is considered an influence. But we don't really reconcile the styles we like in order to make music. We just play music that we like to play. That has been the SEA philosophy since we all joined. We want to play music and raise money so we can record CDs."

The one thing that took the band by surprise wasn't making a new album but going on tour.

"We ran into a lot of problems when we first started to tour," Erickson said. "We didn't have a booking agent, and we ran into those problems of playing bad places and not getting paid. And, consequently, not having enough money to make it to the next gig."

These days it's a little easier, he said. "We've been lucky. We learned real quick that a van and trailer isn't all you need for a tour. We've been learning as we go, and luckily we haven't had any real bad and dangerous problems."

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