In 1995, Utah's gymnastics team had won its first 15 meets before falling for the first time at Florida in its first-ever regular-season trip to Gainesville.

In 1994, Utah was 13-0 going into the season finale at BYU, where coach Greg Marsden pulled his team off the floor after 2 1/2 events over a dispute with the meet referee, thereby personally ensuring Utah wouldn't have an unbeaten regular season.

In other years, Utah was 22-0 and 18-0 before finally losing a meet.

Only in 1993 have the Utes ever had a perfect season, 17-0, in their 33 years.

But losing for the first time last Friday after being 10-0 wasn't much more than a hiccup.

"We weren't happy about losing," said Marsden Monday, but, "It's just not that big a deal to me because it's not that big a deal in gymnastics."

That's because the only thing that matters in getting to the postseason and getting seeding for the postseason is the Regional Qualifying Score, a scoring average of six meets, with at least three from the road.

"You try to win every meet, but I'd rather schedule tough teams, I'd rather challenge ourselves and put ourselves intentionally in tough situations in the regular season in hopes that it will prepare us to be stronger in postseason," Marsen said.

And so if Utah experiences another loss this Saturday at No. 4-ranked Michigan — another team completing its home season and putting on its senior night festivities, just like Florida did — he won't be terribly concerned, either.

"No, I'd be more concerned if we went and didn't do equally as good a job, or better," said Marsden. "That's what I'm more concerned about, that we don't let down."

His gymnasts "were upset at losing" Friday, "and that's a good thing," he said. But losing the streak wasn't a big downer.

"It's always sad when you don't win a meet," said Ute senior Ashley Postell, "but no one can be perfect all the time, and it's really hard to stay undefeated. We're pretty much over it. We kind of just talked about it a little bit after the meet just to get it all out, but Florida was really good, and they were really on that night, so it was theirs to begin with."

THIRD: Florida's 197.70-196.875 win over Utah moved the Gators ahead of the Utes in the weekly rankings that came out Monday. Utah is now No. 3 behind Georgia and Florida.

Postell, however, held onto her No. 1 all-around ranking after scoring 39.45 at Florida. She is also still No. 1 in vaulting and balance beam and fourth on floor.

Kristina Baskett is seventh all-around, fifth on bars and sixth on vault.

ARABIAN, TRIPLE: Postell seems to have mostly returned to her good outlook now after suffering the first two falls of her season March 7 in the home meet against Oregon State. She was to have debuted her full floor routine in that meet, but after the falls, she was taken out of the floor lineup.

So she did the whole routine starting with the double Arabian and ending with the triple twist with a 2 1/2 punch front in the middle pass. "I warmed up my front rudi just in case," Postell said Monday, "so if I needed to chuck it I could at the end of my floor routine (instead of the triple), but I felt good by the time I got there and felt we had nothing to lose, so I might as well just do it."

"She did a spectacular job. It was very well done," said Marsden.

The Utes were dismayed with Postell's floor score of 9.90, since she had done it well, and Florida's very first floor competitor got the same 9.90. No Ute would actually speak about what seemed to be a judging discrepancy with all the judges from the eastern part of the country, and they all said the better team that night won, but there was an obvious feeling that the scores should have been closer.

It didn't matter much to Postell, who knew she'd at least done a better job in her four events than she had the week before, and her "down" period passed quickly. Of her fourth-place all-around finish Friday, she just said her 39.45 was, "Not too bad for an all-right meet," in which she had a wobble on beam and a low bars score (9.775).

"Was she back to doing everything she's capable of doing? No. But she was a lot better than she was the week before and seemed to have a much better perspective," said Marsden, who could have said pretty much the same thing for the whole team. "She was better in terms of relaxing and not putting as much pressure on herself."

NCAA women's gymnastics poll

Team ... RQS ... average ... high score

1. Georgia ... 197.305 ... 197.139 ... 197.900

2. Florida ... 197.090 ... 196.850 ... 197.925

3. Utah ... 197.065 ... 196.880 ... 197.750

4. Michigan ... 196.825 ... 196.542 ... 197.600

5. LSU ... 196.695 ... 196.296 ... 197.775

6. Alabama ... 196.605 ... 196.432 ... 197.300

7. Oregon State ... 196.530 ... 195.995 ... 197.200

8. UCLA ... 196.465 ... 196.011 ... 196.925

9. Oklahoma ... 196.440 ... 196.009 ... 196.750

10. Stanford ... 196.360 ... 196.067 ... 197.375

28. Southern Utah ... 194.480 ... 194.362 ... 196.000

30. Brigham Young ... 194.280 ... 194.103 ... 196.300

41. Utah State ... 193.050 ... 192.048 ... 194.450