Two of a kind

In losing to BYU in the opening round of the MWC tournament last week, Colorado State coach Tim Miles made an interesting comparison.

Maybe even a weird one.

"You've got to use your imagination on this a little bit, but those (BYU) guys remind me of the Harlem Globetrotters," he said.

"I mean, they pass, they cut, they make shots. Oddly enough, didn't the Washington Generals wear green and gold?"

They certainly did.

But before this goes too far, remember the Globetrotters had all black players; BYU has three. And the Globetrotters had a guy who could make hook shots from half court; BYU has zero.

Still, Rock On is buying the comparison.

As soon as the Cougars start using confetti and Silly String as part of their repertoire.


The mini-riot after the MWC championship game at the Thomas and Mack Center must have been quite an event.

Reports said amid the scuffling, the wife of BYU's Lee Cummard tried to impede a Salt Lake TV reporter and his cameraman from recording the melee. Some fans claimed she also threw punches.

Super-secret Rock On sources say that upon being asked about his wife's alleged involvement, Cummard replied, "I don't know what happened, I didn't really see anything. I'd have to look at the film."

Flush with success

Most people consider their bathroom time a quiet, private affair. Definitely not dangerous.

But that changed for Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher last week when he was KO'd by a bathroom stall door that fell on his head.

ManU had just finished a 2-1 win over Lyon, when he attempted to open the stall door and it came unhinged. Which apparently ruined a lovely afternoon.

"The dressing room was relaxed and happy after the match," one source told the Daily Mail. "It was a case of job done."

Here's hoping Fletcher was able to get his job done, too.

'Tis the season

Chris Foster, L.A. Times, on ways to tell it's tourney time: "Mountain West Conference fans are pondering the question that has puzzled NHL fans for more than two years: What the heck is "Versus" and why is our game on it?"

Money for nothing

Cleveland Indians minor-league prospect Randy Newsom thinks he's got a future.

So much so that he has decided to sell shares of his potential earnings. Considered just a so-so prospect, Newsom's shares are going for $20 apiece.

Sorry, but Rock On is tapped out. It has all its money tied up in Latrell Sprewell stock.

Crystal clear

Billy Crystal, a celebrity player in last Thursday's Yankees-Pittsburgh exhibition game, on what position he'd play: "DH — designated Hebrew."

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