Democrats aren't the only ones in Utah County disenchanted with the Republican incumbents in the Legislature.

Candidate filing ended Monday, and several Utah County legislative districts have multiple candidates, especially multiple Republican candidates.

Of the 13 district races for the House of Representatives, eight races have more than one Republican, and in the Senate, three of the four races have multiple Republicans.

All of the candidates running think there needs to be change, but several Republican candidates said neighbors and other members of the community asked them to run because they want a positive change in the Legislature and not just the same actions by the same people.

"It was a little over a year ago there was a lot of outcry for a change. ... Everybody has a different complaint," said Jennifer Baptista, a candidate in District 57 who is running against Rep. Craig Frank, R-Pleasant Grove. "They feel they're not being heard, that he's not representing them and they're not happy about his lack of support for the public schools. There's been a lot of discontentment in the area, and it just proves the fact that a lot of people want somebody different."

Frank said he has had positive feedback from his work in the Legislature and thinks he will be successful in this re-election bid.

Public education was raised as a major issue by other candidates.

David Starling, a Republican running in District 62 against incumbent Rep. Chris Herrod, is a longtime public school teacher and believes his experience inside the system would be valuable to the Legislature and the decisions made concerning public schools. He also has a background with business and a degree in economics that he says will benefit budgetary decision-making.

However, Herrod, R-Provo, said he feels he represents the district well and thinks he will win the legislative seat.

Lisa Shepherd, who announced she will run as a Republican in District 61 against Rep. Keith Grover, R-Provo, said she received an overwhelming amount of phone calls from Provo residents to run and give them back their voice, especially through protecting public education. Shepherd said she believes, and residents have told her, that the incumbents no longer do what the people want.

Governmental ethics also came into question when candidates decided to file.

"I got tired of reading all the articles about (Rep.) Mike Morley (supporting a bill) that would benefit his construction company," said Chance Williams, a Republican candidate in District 66 running against the Republican Morley. "I want to see people working for legislation that would sincerely benefit the people."

Mary Lou Huffmon, a Democratic candidate in District 57, said she's also upset with the current state of ethics, especially with so many conflicts of interest. She said she's not sure what will happen with the race in her district, but hopes a change will occur.

Morley, R-Spanish Fork, did not respond to requests for comment before press time.

Candidates filed in Utah County

Utah State Senate

District 13

Democrats: Kenneth Peay

Republicans: Mark Madsen (incumbent); J. Lane Henderson

District 14

Democrats: None

Republicans: John L. Valentine (incumbent)

District 16

Democrats: Fred Desposorio; Radene Hatfield

Republicans: Curt Bramble (incumbent); Jacqueline DeGaston; James O'Neal

District 27

Democrats: Brad King

Republicans: Richard Moss; David Hinkins

Constitution: Robert Armstrong

· · · · ·

Utah State House

District 27

Democrats: Gwyn Franson

Republican: John Dougall (incumbent)

District 56

Democrats: William Le Jeune

Republicans: Jared Sepulveda; Kenneth Sumsion (incumbent)

Constitution: Michael J. Barron

District 57

Democrats: Mary Lou Huffmon; Terry Jensen

Republicans: Jennifer Baptista; Craig Frank (incumbent); Kim Robinson

District 58

Democrats: Steve Baugh

Republicans: Paul Newton; Stephen Sandstrom (incumbent)

District 59

Democrats: Paul Thompson

Republicans: Lorie Fowlke (incumbent)

District 60

Democrats: Boyd McAffee

Republicans: Bradley Daw (incumbent); Linda Houskeeper

Constitution: Scott Swain

District 61

Democrats: Deon Turley

Republicans: Keith Grover (incumbent); Lisa Shepherd

District 62

Democrats: Claralyn Hill

Republicans: Christopher Herrod (incumbent); David Starling

District 63

Democrats: Donald Jarvis

Republicans: Steve Clark (incumbent)

District 64

Democrats: Boyd Petersen

Republicans: Becky Lockhart (incumbent)

Libertarian: Nathanial Ashby

District 65

Democrats: Douglas Baxter

Republicans: Francis Gibson; Aaron Tilton (incumbent)

District 66

Democrats: Debbie Swenson; Paul Penrod

Republicans: Mike Morley (incumbent); Chance Williams

District 67

Democrats: None

Republicans: Patrick Painter (incumbent)

Constitution: Feleni Siufanua

· · · · ·

Judge of the Fourth District Court

Steven Hansen; Samuel McVey; James Taylor; Lynn Davis

· · · · ·

Utah County Commission

Democrats: None

Republicans: Larry Ellertson (incumbent); Jeff Wabel

· · · · ·

Utah State School Board

District 12 — Carol Murphy, Erin Madsen, David Adamic, John Schmeltzer II, Mark Cluff

District 13 — Don Savage, Kyle Bateman, A. Legrand Richards, Jeremy Blickenstaff, C. Mark Openshaw, Ammon Cunningham, Jill Rea

· · · · ·

Alpine School Board

District A4 — Guy Fugal (incumbent)

District A6 — Debbie Taylor (incumbent)

District A7 — Monta Rae Jeppson; Kirby Glad; Terry Peterson (incumbent)

· · · · ·

Nebo School Board

District N1 — K. L. Tischner (incumbent)

District N3 — Randy Boothe (incumbent)

District N6 — R. Dean Rowley (incumbent)

District N7 — Christine Riley

· · · · ·

Provo School Board

District P3 — David Williams, Dawn Frandsen, Richard Sheffield (incumbent)

District P5 — Darryl Alder (incumbent)

District P6 — Kristine Manwaring, Howard Stone

District P7 — Mary Ann Christiansen (incumbent)

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