Alvin Munsee

An alleged kidnapping that began in Salt Lake City about noon Saturday turned into a standoff with a SWAT team that ended about 6 p.m. with a man taken into custody.

Salt Lake Police Lt. Dave Hoffman said Alvin Munsee, 68, first held a 52-year-old female at knifepoint for about two and a half hours. The woman, who is a tenant of Munsee's on his property near 900 West and 1500 North, was eventually able to flee uninjured and called police.

When police arrived, Munsee, who Hoffman said has a criminal history involving weapons, was not making sense and refused to submit to custody. That started a standoff between police, who tried negotiating on a bullhorn, and Munsee, who yelled back through a window and open door that he would shoot or kill police, according to Hoffman.

It took four hours and a SWAT team before police finally were able to arrest Munsee. Tear-gas canisters were thrown into his home and after about five minutes Munsee came outside and surrendered, Hoffman said. Munsee was booked into jail Saturday evening on charges of felony aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault and a misdemeanor charge of interfering with arresting officers.