PROVO — Police booked a man into jail Friday evening amid allegations that he drove under the influence of methamphetamine and crashed, seriously injuring another driver and his own 5-month-old son, who was a passenger in his vehicle, police said.

The baby was flown to Primary Children's Medical Center in serious condition. The injured woman was also transported in serious condition. She was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

Her vehicle was hit in the Provo intersection of North Temple Drive and Temple View Drive as she waited to turn left, police said.

"He was coming the opposite direction and sideswiped her," Provo Sgt. Matt Sivfanua said. "The collision threw her into a spin and shot him into a nearby brick fence."

Sivfanua said responding officers noticed the man displaying bizarre behavior at the scene and thought he might have a head injury.

"He was fighting with firefighters at the scene," Sivfanua said. "Then he tried to take off in the firetruck."

He hopped in the cab of the running truck but couldn't figure out how to put the firetruck in gear, police said.

Police arrested him, handcuffed him to a stretcher and took him to the hospital where they did a drug test.

"(The test) showed he was all hopped up on drugs," Sivfanua said.