We have a real problem in the United States: incumbent re-election. It staggers the mind. We have serial politicians who can stay in office as long as they wish. These political figures will do anything to keep their power and position — including selling America down the river.

Two solutions: term limits and repealing the 17th Amendment. If elected officials knew they were only to have a relatively short time to make a difference, they would be more concerned with principle and not their own careers.

As for senators, they should be returned to how the Constitution stipulates — appointed by each state legislature. The 17th Amendment changed this to a popular vote. Now both the House and Senate represent "The People." The states have lost their sovereignty.

We must allow the states to again have a say in federal matters in the Senate. And we must limit the length of service of congressmen and senators so we can restore some sanity to self governance.

Capt. James Carlyle Green

Cedar Hills