Experts estimate one in four girls and one in eight boys in Utah will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Here are pieces of three of their stories. At the victims' requests, their names have been changed.

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Kelly is 11 years old and she loves movies.

But a few months ago, she watched a film that scared her, and when she woke up in the middle of the night she crawled into bed with her mom and stepdad. In the morning, her mom wasn't in the room and her stepdad was kissing her breast.

Later the man tore up her favorite stuffed animal, "Mr. Nelson," and threatened worse if the girl told on him. He continued the abuse, graduating to sodomy and rape.

"He would play the teddy bear game," Kelly explains. "I would be reading and he would put my teddy bear closer and closer to my private spot." Then he would touch her with his hand or mouth.

There is a warrant out for the man's arrest today. Police believe he has fled the state.

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Barbara was physically, sexually and psychologically abused the first 16 years of her childhood. Her father sexually abused her.

After she told, she had to go to the doctor. "The physical exam was really, really terrifying. I remember feeling out of control of the situation and not sure if I could trust this doctor to not hurt me." She was crying, she remembers. She couldn't relax.

"I remember trying to do the same thing I would do when my dad was molesting me, which was to try to daydream about something else."

For some reason, she says, she thought about the hand signals of sign language. "I was just focusing on that."

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Even now, some 25 years later, the hair on Angela's neck stands up when her older brother tells her she looks nice.

Angela said her teenage brother sodomized her during much of her childhood, starting when she was 6 or 7 years old. She grew up terrified to live under the same roof with him. She remembers locking her door and cramming whatever she could around her bedroom door to keep the light out. Any way to see in, meant that he might peek.

"I lived in constant I'm-being-looked-at fear," she said.

Angela recalls having night terrors, starting to swear and talk about body parts as well as explore her sexuality. "It totally threw me into a world I never thought about going," she said.

Angela's family tried to bury the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. Her grandfather also molested her when she was about 6.

"It was something I was told not to tell," said the 33-year-old nurse in Salt Lake City.

The secret was so deeply hidden, she says her mother claimed to have forgotten about it when Angela brought it up years later. Families, she said, act a lot different when the perpetrator is one of them.

"It's almost like you (the victim) become the bad person," she said. "It's almost like the responsibility is removed from the perpetrator."