Winner: The state of Utah was honored Thursday by the Office of National Drug Control Policy for effectively wiping out meth labs. In 2007, only three labs or dump sites were seized in the entire state, compared to the peak of 272 in 1999. Federal officials credit strict laws that have made it very difficult to obtain meth-making materials, as well as public awareness and education campaigns.

However, more methamphetamine produced in Mexican "factories" has made its way into the United States, although federal officials say a spike in methamphetamine's street price and a reduction in drug purity suggests a meth "shortage." Overall, that is very good news.

Loser: iProvo, the telecommunications boondoggle that already has taken huge chunks out of Provo's budget, continues to sputter. In January, the system saw a net increase of only 29 subscribers. Now, however, the city is heading into harder times as the economy slows down in general. Last year's $1.2 million sales tax subsidy can't continue. After this week's meeting of the city's Telecommunications Board, even Mayor Lewis Billings agreed the situation has to change.

Our recommendation: Sell the network as soon as possible and leave telecommunications totally in the private sector, where it belongs.