OREM — Utah Valley State College students are slated to pay 6.3 percent more in resident tuition for the 2008-09 school year, when the school will be known as Utah Valley University.

That means an additional $188 out of resident students' pockets annually.

UVSC board of trustees voted unanimously to approve the proposed second-tier tuition hike during its meeting Thursday night on the school's campus.

The first-tier tuition rate is set by the state Board of Regents — a governor-appointed panel that oversees the state's public colleges and universities — and approved by the Legislature.

The second-tier tuition rate is determined by each state public college or university and approved by the regents in the spring.

The state has set the first tier at a 3.5 percent increase. UVSC is recommending a 2.8 percent increase for 2008-09.

UVSC's tuition is $3,000 for residents and $10,500 for nonresidents annually.

With the increase, tuition for residents would be $3,188 while non-residents would pay $10,950 for 2008-09. This is for students taking 12 to 18 credits.

UVSC's tuition generally falls slightly lower than Southern Utah University in Cedar City and a bit higher than Weber State University in Ogden.

"I think it would be a mistake for us to get above SUU," said UVSC President William A. Sederburg.

The national average for colleges and universities is $5,000 annual tuition.

In the Intermountain West, the average is $3,700, Sederburg said, quoting data from the Utah System of Higher Education.

Tuition at UVSC was increased 2.7 percent for 2007-08; hiked 5 percent for 2006-07; increased 5.2 percent for 2005-06; and rose 11.5 percent for 2004-05.

Trustees also unanimously approved during the meeting Thursday night an $18 increase in student fees for a total $282 annual fee.

For the first time in its history, UVSC is setting its graduate school tuition and fees. The school will launch a master's degree in education this fall.

Trustees unanimously approved recommending setting the education graduate tuition at $179 per credit hour. Non-resident tuition would be $605 per credit hour. Fees would be $41 per credit for up to seven credits for resident and non-resident students.

Tuition and fees will be set for other UVSC master's degree programs as they are approved and implemented.

The general tuition increase for 2008-2009 will mean $1,225,000 in new revenue.

A total of $540,000 will be allocated to "Student Involvement and Engagement.".

This is student success and retention initiatives, including tutoring, mentoring and student involvement initiatives, excluding athletics and student life.

A total of $485,000 will go for "Student Support Enhancements." This would include the student media center in the new library, student support staffing, and support for the larger library that isn't operations and maintenance.

A total $200,000 will be spent to attract, retain and develop exceptional

faculty and staff, including a pay adjustment for adjunct faculty.

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