I am a daily reader of the editorial page of the Deseret Morning News. I could not let the My View ("Dumping traditional school boards could save education," March 9) go unanswered. I am puzzled how the editorial staff of the Deseret Morning News would have let a piece with such glaring inaccuracies be printed.

First of all, school board members don't make a six-figure average salary. With few exceptions, school board members continue to make $3,000 yearly compensation that was set by the Legislature about eight years ago. We have had the power to raise our own compensation since last year's legislative change. Most of us have chosen to leave our salaries the same and take very seriously the idea of pubic service.

While we do have the obligation to set policies and allocate local funding, we do not have the power to "control curriculum." The State Board of Education is the keeper of the curriculum. Concerning "teaching to the test," this is also the result of outside influences that have not only frustrated teachers but local school board members as well.

It is interesting that Jeffrey R. Wilbur, who decries the "bloated bureaucracy," suggests that instead of having one school board in Iron County there should be three boards, one for each level of education. Local districts are trying very hard to work as a team to educate the whole child from prekindergarten to post-12th grade. Three separate boards competing for funding would stop this team approach on behalf of all the children in a local district.

The truth is, local school boards elected by their neighborhood constituents in nonpartisan elections are one of the great examples of American democracy at its best.

Sarah Meier