"PURSUIT FORCE: EXTREME JUSTICE," for the PSP, by bigBig Studios, rated T for Teen, reviewer's rating 8 (out of 10)

When it comes to action games, sometimes the plot can get in the way.

This sequel to the original action-packed game doesn't pull any punches when it comes to high-paced action, but don't look for any meaningful plot or dialogue.

Once again you take up the role of a member of Pursuit Force, an elite daredevil police squad that battles gangs of rogues, ex-cons and all-around bad guys. After putting these groups behind bars at the end of the last game, your wedding is crashed by news that your enemies have been sprung from the clink.

The game wastes no time in putting you behind the seat of a police car to chase down these felons. But this is more than just a racing game, "Pursuit Force's" strength is in your ability to jump from car to car like a movie stunt man.

In addition to leaping between cars, you are also put in control of gun turrets from helicopters or from the back of vehicles. This "rail" play requires you to take aim at bad guys while protecting your teammates. At times, you'll also have to chase down criminals on foot.

This is definitely one of the weakest moments in the game. While steering and aiming guns are pretty responsive to the PSP's control stick, moving on foot is awkward and does not allow you to shoot and run at the same time.

In addition to weapons, you also have a Justice Meter. The more bad guys you take, the more the meter fills up. Once maxed out, the Justice Meter will allow you to make slow-motion jumps that allow you to take out enemies with your gun while you're still in mid-flight. If you're in a helicopter, the Justice Meter allows you to shoot a round of missiles. Even if the meter isn't full, you can tap the meter to replenish your life bar.

Not only do you have boss battles and other action to contend with, but a new rival group called the Viper Squad, has sprung up to steal your thunder. Although nothing deep in terms of a story, the Viper Squad does add a new twist to the game.

Graphics: "Pursuit Force" offers great action, and the graphics keep up with the pace. Chase levels are smooth and the movement of vehicles are easy to track and maneuver. Character builds are a bit weak but don't really take away from the main point of the game, which is the crazy action. Levels do offer a decent amount of details, such as trees, buildings, barrels, crates and the like, which act as obstacles but can also serve as places to take cover from enemy fire on certain levels.

Audio: The music does a good job of providing the dramatic mood for the game without being repetitive and annoying. Character voices are sometimes a bit over the top and pretty much what you would find in low-budget action flicks.

Parent's take: While this game lacks any simulated blood and guts, there is gun play and references to drugs.

Final word: This game is an enjoyable wild ride that fans of action games will enjoy.

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