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We Shot the Moon recorded its new album in two weeks.

When his band Waking Ashland folded, pianist/vocalist Jonathan Jones formed a band called the Honor Roll, before changing its name to We Shot the Moon.

"I wanted to make a band that was more upbeat," said Jones during a phone call form Akron, Ohio. "And while the new band is piano-driven, there are more guitars in the music."

Still, Jones said he does find people who come to a We Shot the Moon show do expect Waking Ashland.

"There are quite a few who tell me they like the other band, but once they hear the new stuff, they get into it and understand what I'm doing," said Jones.

One of the things that strikes him funny is the fact that when he was writing songs for the We Shot the Moon debut CD, "Fear and Love," which will be released later this spring, he was in a semi-depressed state.

"Waking Ashland just broke up and I was in limbo," he said. "And I started writing all these songs. I didn't think for an instant that these songs would be on the album that I would be touring on. It's funny. All these songs that came out of my sad state are the ones that I'm playing all the time."

The album was recorded in two weeks. The band — Jones, drummer Trevor Faris and guitarist Paul Wheatley — rehearsed the songs and went in and laid down all the tracks.

"It was pretty quick," said Jones.

Jones began playing music when his mom made him take piano lessons.

"I originally tried guitar, but it didn't work out," he said. "So my mom's last-ditch effort became the 'learn piano campaign' and I started learning piano.

"I wasn't really into pop music. I wanted to play classical. And then I got a synthesizer and my music taste changed.

"I had been listening to some classic rock because of my dad," he said. "I liked Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart, but after I got into the Gin Blossoms, Everclear, Nirvana and Third Eye Blind.

"And since then I've always wanted to tour and record albums."

If you go . . .

What: Sherwood, We Shot the Moon, Houston Calls, the Higher, Allred

Where: The Circuit, 7711 S. 700 West

When: Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.

How much: $10

E-mail: [email protected]