CLEARFIELD — The 200 South overpass, a strategic path to the Freeport Center and nearby residential neighborhoods, will be closed to all traffic starting today for seven months to accommodate structural and embankment improvements.

The best suggested alternate routes for east-west travel during the construction would be 300 North, 700 South or 1700 South (Antelope Drive). By using these alternate routes, commuters should experience no significant delays in their travel times, Clearfield leaders feel.

"The soil that was used in the original construction of the overpass has not proven to be able to withstand the weight and weather-related stress that this type of structure is subject to," said Public Works director Scott Hodge. "The main structure will remain in place, with our primary focus being on stabilizing the soil and putting into place a newly designed support structure."

Joint funding for the first phase of this project will come from UDOT and Clearfield, while the second phase, which will involve the refinishing of the road surface, will be funded through the Federal Highway Fund.

Once the construction begins, there will be a continuous flow of heavy equipment around the area.

The Freeport Center is home to more than 70 national and local companies that have a work force of more than 7,000. Employees who work there and normally access the east entrance could be the most affected by the 200 South closure. There's also an adjacent residential area.

Clearfield spent $13,425 to overlay the driving surface on the controversial 200 South overpass last fall. The overpass deck needed asphalt repairs before winter to minimize freezing and erosion problems. The pavement overlay was temporary and the city knew it would be torn up in the spring while these extensive, permanent repairs are made.

Clearfield leaders still hope to recover the money spent on the overpass, which they believe was poorly constructed, through litigation.

Farther north, the 800 North overpass in Clearfield over the Denver and Rio Grande grade, at the Clinton border, is also currently closed. That 40-year-old span is being demolished. A culvert will be replaced to allow continuous, safe use of a foot trail through the area.

For updates throughout the construction phases of the 200 South project, go to: • While Clearfield is closing another overpass, Kaysville's new 200 North overpass opened to traffic on Feb. 25 after about two years of work.

This is a completely new structure over the railroad tracks that hopes to better connect west Kaysville with I-15 and the rest of town.

Work is now being done on the re-alignment and re-grading of nearby 650 West. This work has created a detour route for businesses in that area, to be in place through this spring and summer. Work is also continuing on the bridge and surrounding area, but should not restrict traffic.

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