Here we go again — the chance to suffer from lack of sleep due to daylight saving time. For an overworked, sleep-deprived citizenry who need more sleep, not less, this makes as much sense as the old Indian saying about "cutting off the top of the blanket and sewing it on the bottom." Most sleep-deprived people become more tired, which affects many facets of their alertness, cognition and health.

I suggest everyone will see an increase in illnesses within two weeks of the time change. It also causes stress and accompanying diseases such as overweight, diabetes and hypertension (according to Nicholas Perricone, M.D.).

We ought to become as intelligent as the states of Arizona and Hawaii. Those who wish to rise early and work longer should not "shoehorn" the rest of us into their crabby, overtired mode.

Pat Noffsinger

West Valley City