In a letter published a year ago, I posed a loaded question: Who is dumber? The deer that gets hit by a car, or the driver of that car?

Unfortunately, I witnessed this act of mutual stupidity Wednesday night.

I was well behind a car speeding uphill on the Bangerter connector when I clearly saw a young, lone deer standing still in the middle of the road, facing us. I watched in horror as a dark, dirty car deliberately drifted across the double yellow lines and struck the deer head-on.

"Bambi" crumpled and rolled on the ground. I came to a stop and was amazed to see it hop up and wobble over the guard rail.

Meanwhile, the apparently drunken driver made a U-turn. He probably wondered where his target went. I don't know if he intended to finish it off, but he did have that classic "deer-in-the-headlights" look.

Too bad his license plate was covered with fur. I would have called 911.

Todd Ouzts