Flu is still plenty active statewide and nearly 300 Utahns have been hospitalized so far this season.

The number of reported influenza cases and the number hospitalized the past week in the count, which ended March 1, is smaller than the week before. There have been 293 hospitalizations so far, 73 of them added during last week's count.

"The leading indicators have gone down," said one of the Utah Department of Health's epidemiologists, Susan Mottice. "But they have done so once before this season and gone back up."

There's no way yet to tell if it's a trend that means flu is winding down, she said.

There are three separate strains of influenza circulating, including one B strain and two A strains. Most of the recent cases were A, about evenly divided between the two subtypes.

Health officials are still encouraging people who are at high risk of the complications that go with influenza — including older Utahns, the very young and people with compromised immune systems, among others — to get a flu vaccine. "Because you never know, as long as there's still vaccine, those at high risk should consider getting this," she said.

"Mother Nature never tells us when she's done."