Although the initial funding is small, the Legislature did authorize planning to begin for the reconstruction of I-15 in Utah County. Eventually, the project will cost $2.6 billion, although a future gas tax increase may be needed to help cover the cost.

Lawmakers originally wanted to re-build the road from 12300 South in Salt Lake County to U.S. 6., but learned the size of that project might harm the state's ability to bond for other projects. The American Fork option was determined to be less risky, and by passing the resolution, lawmakers would have been indicating their support to bond for the project in coming years.

Other than the I-15 issue, new funding — or promises of funding for roads — was limited to a .05 percent tax hike that will raise over $20 million annually for fixes to "choke point" road projects throughout the state. Those are road projects that require little money but have a big impact on congestion.

Lawmakers called the deal a "tax shift" because other tax cuts will offset it.