ONE PIECE: UNLIMITED ADVENTURE; by Bandai; for the Nintendo Wii; rated T for Teen; reviewer's rating: 4 (out of 10)


This game will fall into the "love-it-or-hate-it" category. If you're a fan of the Japanese anime series, this will be awesomeness embodied in a video game. In other words, you'll feel like you're part of Luffy's pirate crew.

If you're not a fan or have never heard of this series, you'll have no clue what's going on and end up thinking this is just a visually nice — but dumb — game.

"One Piece" does a good job of using the Wii's controls to do battle against the bad guys. Half the fun is beating up some poor enemy-pirate. Different characters do different things. You'll soon develop your favorites and come to rely on them throughout the game.

It's fun to run around and explore the island — to a point. Then the game starts getting tired and repetitive, as you get lost in the jungle (with no way out), can't find your way back to camp, or figure out how to replenish your energy or use the mystical "orbs" that are so key to the game. Sometimes, this game feels like it'll never end.

Graphics: The graphics are nice, and the game uses what appears to be anime sequences from the TV show to advance the storyline.

Audio: The audio is good, with the characters from the show providing the voices of Luffy and friends. However, the soundtrack can get tiresome as you attempt to keep playing in the story mode.


Parent's take: Rated T for teen for some fairly mild cartoon violence. The game is good for kids, but adult gamers (who aren't fans of the TV show) might get bored.

Final word: A fairly fun game that's easy on the controls and the eyes but can get old quickly.

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