Winger — John Roth, left, Kip Winger, Reb Beach, Rod Morgenstein and Cenk Eroglu — released a live DVD and CD.

Winger is a band that has fun when its members get together.

"All of us have other bands and projects that we are involved in," said band leader/bassist Kip Winger during a phone call from St. Louis, Ill. "We don't live and die for this band. We get together and go on tour because we enjoy it."

Winger features Winger, guitarist Reb Beach, drummer Rod Morgenstein, keyboardist Cenk Eroglu and guitarist John Roth. And when the band goes on tour, "Winger is what it is," he said. "It's an '80s band. But it's not like I have to prove myself with this band. People who know us and like us come and have a good time."

However, this is the last tour the band will play for a while, the musician said. "We wanted to get together and go out before our other projects get in the way. Reb is going out on the road with Whitesnake in a few weeks and will be out for about a year. And I have some things I need to do as well."

One of those projects is writing a three-movement classical chamber piece for a choreographer in New York.

"I studied ballet for 20 years," Winger said, "and I was taken by the music. I studied classical music on my own and learned composition.

"My all-time hero is Arthur Honegger," Winger said. "His style was what Beethoven would have done if Beethoven was born 80 years later. Honegger's Symphony No. 3 gives a good picture of what his music is all about.

"The work I wrote is played about 18 minutes long, and I'm very happy with hit."

His other project is a solo album called "From the Moon to the Sun."

"It will be out later this year and I'll probably tour that as well," Winger said. "But the thing is the fact that if anyone wants to see us play live before we separate for a while, they need to come see us."

Still, for Winger fans, all is not lost. The band released a live DVD and CD on Feb. 5. The releases are called "Winger Live" and feature the band playing songs from its 20-year career.

"We got to talking during our tour last year that we hadn't released a live CD or DVD," Winger said. "So, we planned to record it in the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana (Calif.). We did it on one take. And it felt pretty good."

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