It might not appear any different from the nearly 200 previous editions of Utah Valley Life, but the copy you hold in your hands right now could be considered a collector's item.

Yes, Utah County's tabloid section that started back in August 2004 is coming to an end — today's edition is the last.

But that's not to say the content is going away — as far as the local sports stories, features and elements that have been a part of these eight to 12 weekly sports pages, they're merely being relocated. Items will be found a little more conveniently and a little more frequently.

Admit it, it's been a little hard to dig deep through the various sections of the Thursday paper to find the Utah Valley Life section, hasn't it?

Now, we'll publish similar offerings twice a week in the regular sports section — as a single broadsheet page on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. And some features may even gravitate to the front of the sports section or other pages for increased, highlighted attention.

During the past three and a half years, we've tried to give you in-depth information on teams and sports as well as focused attention on some of the key sports figures in Utah County — from the high schools to BYU and UVSC and on to professional teams like the Provo Angels/Orem Owlz and Utah Flash.

We've given you preseason previews, season recaps, games of the week, athletes of the week, weekly rankings, weekly commentary from Dick Harmon and Jim Rayburn and featurized treatment of coaches, athletes, issues and trends.

The tabloid format and extensive color-page availability has allowed us to provide magazine-type treatment. We've tried to provide more photos in the Utah Valley Life section than what can normally run in a regular newspaper section — such as the half-dozen photos from Lone Peak's and Provo's state title runs and all the first- and second-team members of the All-Valley boys basketball team.

And the same has been true in many other sports in our section — from football and volleyball in the fall to baseball and softball in the spring. If we had photos to accompany the stories and the features, we've tried to run them.

With the change starting next week, watch Tuesdays for some of our regular sports features from Utah County — the BYU, UVSC and Utah Flash notebooks, which provide additional insight and information on Cougar sports, Wolverine sports and the local D-League franchise. Tuesdays will be a good day to provide some high school coverage as well, such as the valley's weekly Top 5 rankings and other features.

More prep sports are planned for Thursdays, with the high school action in full swing by mid-week. It will be a chance to not only catch up on early week results, but also to highlight upcoming weekend contests and featured match-ups.

Again, this will be in addition to the regular BYU, UVSC and statewide high school sports coverage that has been a staple of the Deseret Morning News' sports section.

So, thanks for making a special effort to find this section for the past three-plus years. Look for more of the same Utah County sports coverage where it belongs — in the daily sports section.

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