Dana Edelson, Associated Press
Sen. Hillary Clinton, right, made a surprise visit to "Saturday Night Live" where she appeared in a skit.

Hillary Rodham Clinton took a break from the campaign trail to thank "Saturday Night Live" for giving her candidacy a boost — although she failed to get an official endorsement from the show.

Clinton's campaign has gotten a good deal of mileage out of an "SNL" sketch from a week ago in which reporters fawned over her rival, Barack Obama. Clinton brought up the sketch during last Tuesday's debate between the two candidates, and the campaign has encouraged supporters and voters to watch it on NBC's Web site.

This weekend's episode opened with a similar sketch re-creating Tuesday's debate. It portrayed NBC anchors Brian Williams and Tim Russert asking Clinton, played by Amy Poehler, tough questions while serving softballs to Obama.

When Poehler later asked her how the campaign was going, Clinton responded: "The campaign is going very well. Very, very well. Why, what have you heard?"