It is obvious by the tone of Brian Kamerath's letter (Readers' Forum, Feb. 29) that he is one of those people who drives under or at exactly the speed limit regardless of traffic conditions or the flow of traffic.

The "pull-over" law is specifically intended for inconsiderate, inattentive and stubborn drivers who block traffic by creating a "moving wall" and refusing to drive either in the "slow" lane or move over and let traffic pass when there are more than six cars behind them on canyon roads or in the car pool and fast lanes.

Note to Mr. Kamerath and other drivers like them who insist on driving at exactly the speed limit in the car pool and fast lanes: Unless you are a uniformed, on-duty police officer, it is not your duty or responsibility to force other drivers to drive the speed limit. In the meantime if you do not want to drive with the flow of traffic, do the rest of us a favor and drive in the slow lane.

Brad Merritt

Woodland Hills