Recently I attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was refreshing to hear patriotic songs and prayers to God. They are getting less common in America, unfortunately. It is good to know some corporation officials value men who are Eagle Scouts and give preference to them. They want men of character, ability and drive.

What is happening to America? Anyone who has ever been associated with the Boy Scouts in any way knows what a great character-building program it is to help a boy become a useful, helpful, well-rounded man, husband, son and patriotic citizen. What parent would not want their son to have those above qualities?

Surely those who are against the Boy Scouts know nothing about them. Why fight something good in complete ignorance? Of course the likes of the ACLU and extreme liberals know how good they are. That is why they fight Boy Scouts and other things we value. Hurrah for the Boy Scouts, America, our servicemen and God.

Dorian Bell

North Ogden