Winner: Given the controversial nature of Crandall Canyon Mine owner Bob Murray, it was pleasant to learn this week that he has donated land just above the mine for the erection of a memorial, a 300-foot walking trail and a parking lot.

The memorial will include one large stone, six headstones marking the men who died when the mine collapsed last summer, and three stone benches bearing the names of the three men who died trying to rescue the others.

Loser: Earlier this week, we chided the Bluffdale City Council for voting to reject a FrontRunner commuter rail station in that city, calling it misguided and counter to the current trend toward building commuter-friendly communities. But we're equally displeased with a legislative bill that would allow the Utah Transit Authority to put a station there anyway. The bill would allow UTA to ignore city and county zoning laws.

Outsiders may think a city council is wrong, but that council is elected to represent the interests of a city's residents. Its decision ought to be respected.