A number of people (such as Caleb Pace, Readers' Forum, Feb. 29) have written recently supporting Barack Obama as the "right choice" for the country and Utah. However, I have yet to see anyone explain why. Mr. Pace offers very little other than the fact that Sen. Obama is not a Republican.

Is he the "right choice" because of his strong support for abortion? Or is it his opposition to international trade? Could it be his support of heavy-handed gun control or universal/government-run health care? Those seem like a poor fit for most Utahns. Let's try weak foreign policy experience and a pledge to meet with any dictator who calls? Still no good? Then it must be Sen. Obama's promise to immediately abandon Iraq but with a promise to return if things go bad.

While it is true that no one should cast their vote for a candidate simply because they are Republican, it seems equally, if not more, foolish to vote for someone simply because they aren't.

Drew L. Allen