Rep. Roz McGee, D-Salt Lake City, met with House Democratic leadership on Wednesday to announce that she will not seek re-election for a fourth term.

McGee, first elected to represent District 28 in 2002, serves on the House Judiciary and Revenue and Tax standing committees and has been an advocate for Utah education issues. She highlighted this priority in a press release announcing her plans for retirement.

"Utah's greatest challenge is educating its children," McGee said. "Unless the state gets serious about reduced class sizes and offering programs to reach the needs of each child, we will never achieve the competitive economic position Utah strives for."

House Minority Leader, Rep. Brad King, D-Price, said that the House Democrats will miss McGee's work.

"She has served her constituents in a singular way," King said. "We will miss her smile, her quick wit and especially her insight into the plight of the people whose voices are often not heard."

McGee, who has resided in Utah since 1982, was previously Executive Director of Voices for Utah Children from 1988 to 2001.